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AC Inspections

GSG are members of various Air Conditioning Inspection Panels across the UK, thus have the capability to deliver an efficiant service wherever the project may be.

In additioin to EPC certificates, GSG is also progressing into the next phase of the EPBD delivery: Air Conditioning System Assessment.


In Scotland, To comply with the EPBD, Air Conditioning Assessments are mandatory for systems in excess of 12kW.


GSG utilise the TM44 Inspection and Assessment methodology as laid down by CIBSE in providing all Air Conditioning Assessments.


In Scotland, the timetable for introduction of these assessments is noted below;


Systems in excess of 250kW- Must be assessed by 04th January 2011 and the inspections being carried out from 04th January 2009.

Systems in excess of 12kW, but less than 250kW-Must be assessed by 04th January 2013 and the inspections being carried out from 04th January 2011.


As with EPCs, the building owner is responsible for the provision of the inspection and assessment and the validity of each assessment can range from 3 to 5 years depending on the recommendations of the report.

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